I am writing today about affiliate marketing. The definition of this type of marketing is, one company owns a product or a service available for sale. For them to be able to have higher exposure to the given marketplace, they would open a program for others to join them, create advertising and otherwise drive traffic toward the product or service. In doing so, this expands their circle of influence, which is a benefit for that company as well as the people who are affiliates with them. These companies then pay commissions to those who do drive traffic and produce sales.

This can be a very cost effective way to fund your advertising campaigns upfront. There are many different companies using this type of marketing. Affiliates range anywhere from retail companies to online companies. The retail companies would be those, such as Best Buy, Future Shop, Home Depot, etc. Online companies would include Amazon, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc. There are many companies both off and online with affiliate programs. If you look for them you will find them.

There are also companies that have affiliate systems in place that are for marketing purposes, for training purposes and for travel. In these programs there are some that are free as well as some that charge a fee to join. The free programs tend to pay less commission then do the ones who charge a fee. The fees to join some of these programs vary from about $20 up. There are those that charge into the thousands of dollars to join. However as the saying goes, you only get out of it what you put into it.

To get involved with affiliate marketing, you must join as an affiliate. You sign up into an account with the company you want to join. Then you put a link of that company onto your website or advertise it. When someone goes on your website and clicks onto that link, they are tracked back to you, and when they buy a product or service, you earn a commission on that sale. The rate of commission range from company to company. The commission can range from about 5% to as much as 50%

In summary, to get started in affiliate marketing, you join an affiliate program, set up a link that send people to that particular company, and when they buy you get paid a commission. Some programs are free while others charge a fee.


Source by Karl Sterling

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