Before you build a website, you should have few things ready. Among those things are domain name, space to host your website and an HTML editor (e.g. Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any other that meets HTML editing criteria) which is used to create the web page.

Speaking of a domain name, you should try to select a domain name which relates to the specific industry or niche and preferably has your main keywords in the name. You may face difficulties in getting the domain name you really want as the majority of laser targeted domains are already taken. Nevertheless, try to find a domain name which meets your own personal criteria and run with it. A nice brandable name works well too… If you know little about branding then think of Google.. at the end of the day it’s a highly brandable name because it’s easy to remember and something that is catchy. Not to divert much from the focus here but think about what’s in a name and what makes it memorable and incorporate that into your name selection.

As to basics in website building, if you can get your hands on Dreamweaver, this program is among the top in leading the way in website editing software. You don’t necessarily need to know html but if you’re going to move beyond the basic wizards that are included in most best web host type packages then this is a program that you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with. Many of the block builders will let you pick and choose what options you want for your site and will do all the coding in the background. There’s no doubt that is definitely easier but if you want more flexibility in what you’re doing then at some point you’re going to have to transition to the coding options and that is found in Dreamweaver, Frontpage and other software packages that emphasize HTML editing for websites.

Web hosting is yet another important component in the basics of website building because your hosting company can make or break you in a sense. If the bandwidth isn’t suitable for what you have incorporated into your website then that can turn away your traffic. If your web hosting company doesn’t offer a suite of products to help you leverage your website then that can detract from your site quality and competitiveness.


Source by D. Senu-Oke

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