BettingTips .com sold for $150,000 - End User Domains

BettingTips .com sold for $150,000 – End User Domains

Sedo’s top public domain name sale over the past week was BettingTips .com for $150,000. A Swedish company that sells online traffic bought the domain name.

Here’s a look at some of the domains end users bought at Sedo this past week. You can review previous end user sales lists here.

BettingTips .com $150,000 – Ribacka Group, a lead generation company in Sweden. Its website shows some online betting businesses. $9,800 – NSW Business Chamber, a chamber of commerce business association in Sydney, Australia. $8,800 – Forwards to a page on Intersystems’ website that talks about “Healthy Data”.     BettingTips .com $6,000 – Forwards to, a BioMed firm that develops orthobiologic solutions for bone healing, bone grafts and osteoarthritis.

BettingTips .com sold for $150,000 - End User Domains €5,000 – Ultimum, a cybersecurity and IT company, bought this domain and forwards it to its website at $4,500 – The email address in Whois links to Fevo. The founder’s LinkedIn profile states “Fevo is a 95-person, Series-B venture backed social payments platform revolutionizing how groups pay – effortlessly bringing friends (and their friends’ friends) together for their favorite life events. Fevo is how tribes buy.”    BettingTips .com €2,537 – Forwards to, a German fishing equipment online retailer. I don’t know what the word means. $2,700 – Forwards to, a website for the Lee Realty Group, a luxury residential and commercial real estate and property management firm. I can’t figure out if this is the new owner or the prior owner of the domains $2,495 – Hunt Oil Company, an independent oil and gas company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. €2,250 – Citycoco is a German brand of electric scooters and accessories. $2,200 – A guy who’s last name is LeCheminant.

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