Uniregistry shared its weekly domain name sales report, and the company announced it brokered the sale of BTI.com for $100,000. The deal was co-brokered between Uniregistry and DomainBooth.com, the brokerage operated by James Booth. The domain was acquired by James Booth in September of 2019 for an undisclosed amount of money:

The buyer of BTI.com is not currently known. It looks like the buyer transferred the domain name from Uniregistry to Namecheap, where it is registered under Whois privacy. Prior to the acquisition by James, it appears that the domain name was registered to Windstream Corporation. BTI.com currently forwards to a Uniregistry domain buy page, but may be temporary until the buyer updates the nameservers.

BTI.com domain name Sold for $100,000

It’s still early in the year, so the $100,000 sale of BTI.com will rank in the top 10 domain name sales of the year, as recorded by DNJournal. It ties the $100,000 sale of Barri.com. The sale has also been added to the list of recent 3 letter .com domain name sales maintained by Embrace.com.

With GoDaddy’s acquisition of Uniregistry, it is quite possible that the weekly sale report from Uniregistry will no longer be sent. I hope that is not the case because six figure sales like these can help other buyers justify their high end acquisitions and/or build cases to corporate boards or c-suite executives for higher end domain name acquisitions.

Ref : https://domaininvesting.com/

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