You want to build your own web business and find that you need a website. Apart from needing to learn new skills and coping with unfamiliar terms you may be concerned about the cost and whether your budget will stand the strain. In fact it need not cost you much at all if you choose to build a fairly simple site.

There is a procedure to creating a website and when this procedure is broken down into individual steps you will see that the project is neither difficult nor expensive.

What is The Procedure?

No 1. Every website has a name; a domain name which is unique to each site and is purchased from a Domain Registrar. There are many registrars on the internet; a good reliable one and the one I use is Godaddy.com. At Godaddy you will check to see if your chosen name is available. If it is not, then you will need to try for variations of the name until you find one you can claim. The cost of buying a domain name is currently between $10 and $11.

No 2. Each domain has to be hosted. Again there are many companies which will host a site and this will cost from $5 to about $10 per month. Some registrars will also host your domain name, but most commonly a domain will be hosted with a separate company. If you belong to a good membership site they may provide free hosting which in effect amounts to a discount on your membership fee.

No 3. You will require a Web Editor. This a piece of software which converts the content which goes on your web pages into computer language. Dreamweaver is a popular editor, but a very good one which can be downloaded free is Kompoza. It is used even by advanced internet marketers. Apart from converting text to computer language, you will use the editor to format the web pages, add colour, insert images and generally shape the site to suit what you want to achieve.

You will now have a simple website which can be adapted to suit a variety of purposes. To progress to building a web business you will need to consider building a list. You will have heard time and again that you need a list. To start building a list a Squeeze Page is required.

A squeeze page or lead capture page is designed for the sole purpose of obtaining the name and email address of your visitors. When they do leave their name and address they are automatically passed to an Auto Responder. This is a computer program created to automatically respond to emails which are sent to it and will send prewritten emails to those who opt in to your list. An Autoresponder such as AWeber will cost $19 per month.

So you can see that for an outlay of less than $20 and under $10 per month you can have a website. To advance further and build a web business will cost a further $19 per month. And this can be a fulltime business earning substantial rewards if you are prepared to work and develop it over 3 to 6 months. When that is compared to starting a business off-line you can se that a web business really is affordable.


Source by Norm Pavelka

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