NamePros is a 4 year old domain name forum. It's owner who goes under the username -RJ- has built it from the ground up, along with a few of his other ventures. Today, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the other few big time domain discussion forums on the web. Despite the total number of posts or members not being accessible, the mere fact that over 2,500 members are online at any given time indicates the size of this useful community.

Registration is completely free. Once registered, you are free to browse around, advertise your services or domains, or bid and make offers for for sale lots.

What strikes me about NamePros is their sense of community. A carefully planned rewards system, forum money and a lively chat community entices the average user to behave, and what's more important – to stick around. Networking is an important facet of any business, and domaining is no different. At NamePros I was able to make contacts with other domainers, which directly led to more successful sales.

Just like most of the other domain name market places, NamePros has a buyer-seller rating system. Once a transaction is completed between two buying parties, they go to the effort of rating each other. The rating system helps you decide whether a seller or buyer is reputable and whether the risk of trading with them is small. The forum of course transfers all the risk of the transaction to the trading parties.

NamePros has a medium to high quality market place. Carefully planned domain name sales have been noted to be quite successful. Small to upper medium sized sales have been recorded with a couple of high exceptions however low-ballers do tend to stick their neck in from time to time. However, you can sell your high quality domains at a solid price. In addition, it is quite easy to get rid of your unwanted lower range names at a solid price.

The range of sales venues at NamePros includes a fixed price section, a make an offer section and a domain name auctions section. In addition, the forum offers a quality contests section and an exchange of goods for NamePros dollars $ NP section. The forum appraisal section ranks amongst the highest quality domain name appraisal forum sections around with a strict code of conduct and rapid responses.

What puts NamePros high above the rest is its excellent domain name auction. It is held on a regular basis, and is usually attended by more then 100 domain enthusiasts. A pre-bidding queue is setup a couple of days prior to the auction, allowing members to submit their auction lots – at the cost of 200 NamePros dollars ($ 4). Auctions have been known to make sales of up to $ 100,000 in total.

Overall, NamePros is ruled by a strong sense of community. If you wish to conduct a hassle free sale for your low to high mid range value domains than that is the place for you.

Overall, NamePros.com is one of the best domain name forums and marketplaces on the web today.


Source by John Motson

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