This year’s Right of the Dot domains name auction at NamesCon concluded with $1.8 million in sales. An extended online auction ends on February 14, 2020.

The top sale was for $800,000. Many people have commented on how these domains fails the radio test—people might hear it was—but someone still wanted the domains even at this high price. was second at $260,000 and sold for $141,000.

Domains sold for $1.8 million at NamesCon 2020

I was in the room for about half of the live auction and thought the technology side of it flowed a lot better than previous auctions. They also had an excellent bid spotter and system in place to update bids when an online bid was placed. The pacing was still an issue, though, with the auctioneer taking too long to close out auctions in the beginning and then making up for it later in the auction.

Here’s a list of all of the domains that sold.

Domains that didn’t sell are still available in the extended auction.

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