Finding Premium Domain Names


Finding a premium domain name can be a really tough challenge to most people looking for domain names. The fact is that most premium domain names least in .com have been registered for many years and will be registered for a long time to come. Most of these domains are owned by people holding them for a nice payoff on there investment. There strategy is simple they pay registration fee which is usually $ 8 a year and hold on to the premium domains until a buyer comes along and pays $ xx, xxx amount of money. Now I’m not saying this is a bad practice but I feel It actually rather stops the further progress of the internet by keeping more business from coming online. Most people that you may talk to will tell you that if you want an online presence you must have a .com and that’s simply not true. Finding Premium Domain Names Finding Premium Domain Names

The old saying is .com is king when it comes to online development and selling of products. Now I agree that over the years people have had it ingrained in there minds that the only extension available is .com and that’s just not true. There are literally hundreds of extensions available to register and many have premium domains still available to be registered right this moment. Now you may say well since .com is so common how would I ever be able to compete with the .com version. Well simply speaking most of these same folks holding premium .com domains fault in the fact they don’t develop there domain names. Now with search engines content is king and without content being unique and updated routinely search engines give it less and less of a high rank. Now in order for you to compete you must provide content to your visitors and on a very frequent basis. Now there are many extensions that all do very well with proper development and by adding unique content. Finding Premium Domain Names

Finding Premium Domain Names

Now you can start your journey to finding premium domain names by visiting “” which is actually where I started my journey. Namepros is a domain forum with information that is invaluable to anyone searching for domains or interested in making money online.

Finding premium domain names can be quite easy and to start your journey you should sit down and think about what your website will be providing or selling to the traffic. I mean if your selling golf balls the most obvious domain name would be and alas that name is taken. Most people unfamiliar with other extensions move on after checking the .com version. Now is where it gets interesting as you can find other extensions where Golf Balls may be available. Here are some very popular alternatives to .com and this is just a starting point: .Net, .Org, .Info, .Us. These are considered by many to be just as good as .com but many will tell you not to waste your time with anything other then .com as well.

Now if you live in a country outside of America and even If you do live in America finding premium domain names can be quite easily with CCTLDS. Now CCTLDS are a short acronym for Country Code Top Level Domains and what that means is simply domain extensions for countries. For example someone in Australia is likely to choose rather then and that is why premium domain names are easily found in cctlds. Now we are starting to see that premium domain names are not quite as hard to find as first thought. Now cctlds are becoming a hot market in the domainers world and I would advise people considering premium domain names to search out and find premium domain names in there native country. Finding Premium Domain Names

Now at this point you may be saying well I’d like to get some premium domain names for other countries but I don’t speak their language. Well that’s fine Google has a translator that works great and is easy to use and free to all. Now you may want to test the market with premium domain names in other countries before doing any heavy investing in that department.  Finding Premium Domain Names

This article is a series that I plan to write about the next article will discuss and show you how to find premium domain names that are dropping. I will explain what drop lists are and how to narrow down your search and find the truly great domain names. Also I will show you a few drop catching services and how they can work with you or against you. I hope you enjoyed my first article and walk away knowing that securing a premium domain doesn’t have to be that hard.   Finding Premium Domain Names


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