Are you flipping websites for fun and profit? Have you discovered how amazingly easy it is to make great money selling lightly development domains for 200%, 300% or even 1000% MORE than what you paid to acquire them? If you are anything like most of the people I work with who are developing online assets for cash, the truth is, you are having a blast while building up a powerful portfolio of profitable sites to sell.

But here is the BIG challenge I still see many people running into when flipping sites, or even "domaining" for a living.

They end up leaving FAR too much money on the table, and get exponentially LESS for each property than they really deserve.

What does this mean?

It absolutely means you have to buy and sell MORE properties to make the same amount of money, often taking MORE risk, investing more capital and more time in building your brand … and your business to boot.

Here is a really QUICK way you can use to generate an extra 24K a year, and on a shoestring budget … on an investment of about $ 100 or less.

The best part?

It does not require you to do anything fancy, or exotic or even have all that much experience or expertise to turn an extra 10 domains into about 24 thousand dollars per year.

Basically, the idea is this.

You take 10 domains you may have wanted to sell, or 10 domains you planned on flipping, OR you simply go out and register 10 new domains you would not have bought otherwise.

These domains should be LOCAL domains if at all possible, and by local I mean where you currently live, work or play.

Then, for each domain, you develop it a little bit. Add the essentials – install WordPress, maybe a premium framework or a niche specific template if you think you're going to be doing some relationship marketing consulting, you can install an opt in form and even a few starting messages that trigger when someone signs up .

The key is, you now contact people in your local community who work in those niches already, and you either GIVE these sites away 100% free, or you lease them out for year, or you even sell them for whatever you think they are worth . (the domain name, especially if it's a YOURTOWN + niche.com, can on it's own be very valuable in many cities)

But, to really add a ton of value, you can simply give the site away, with the precondition being that they pay you $ 200 a month for SEO / hosting and generalized upkeep. (maybe link building, a few social media posts, etc)

1 domain for $ 200 a month = $ 2400.
10 domains for $ 200 a month = $ 24,000 per year.

And remember, $ 200 a month of SEO, for folks who are getting a FREE website, with a killer local domain name, a blog, a premium framework, a done for them newsletter, etc … is a complete STEAL, and something you wont 'have difficulty finding buyers for, especially if you pick HIGH value niches!

The best part? This is the very BEST way to build a viable, valuable, evergreen and enduring business around selling services, even if you never really "flip" a single domain in your life! (use the SITES to sell your services and get an instant competitive advantage over those who do not!)


Source by Alexa Ross

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