Flipping has really become a popular term over the past few years. For many internet marketers, website flipping has become the most profitable business concept. It’s also termed as virtual real estate business where you buy a property and sell it to others to make profits. If you don’t know how the concept works and how you can generate passive income from website flipping, explore the guide to learn about the most potential business fields of your time.

Earning passive income from selling and buying websites: how the concept works

Let’s pretend you have a website or blog. You generate some money from the website each month from different sources. You can arrange an auction for the website and sell that to an interested investor. There are several websites that list such websites and help the website owners sell their sites and make money. You will get paid for once only, but the amount will be huge.

Roughly, the price of a website is fixed upon the monthly revenue generated by the website. If the website’s age is less than a year, you will get 10 times of the revenue you’re currently earning from the site each month. If the website is older, you can expect getting 20 times of the revenue. As a seller you will be able to make a handsome amount of money this way.

If you are an investor, you can purchase these potential websites that are already making money. You can generate more traffic and boost the website to maximize your earnings. Then again, you can sell it off at a better price. This is in short how the concept works.

Generating passive income in site flipping: some amazing tips from experts

If you’re interested about a developing career as a site-flipper aka virtual realtor, the tips from the experts here will help you explore the basic concepts about making successful deals. Let’s explore some amazing tips from the leading website flippers around the world.

Find a brandable domain to invest on. A good domain always attracts potential clients. Many a times, good websites with lots of traffic don’t get suitable offers only because of a weak or non-brandable domain name.

While purchasing a website, the clients always search for the mid-range websites. These websites are priced somewhere between $200 and $2000. So, you should list the website when it’s making more than $50 or $100 per month.

The buyers always search for reliable informative resources like analytics, Alexa rankings and so on. Prepare your website accordingly so that you can include all these details while listing your website and grab the best deal.

Always be there and respond to the questions sincerely. Potential clients are always keen to communicate with the sellers to explore more about the website. These websites for sale are investment opportunities and clients might have thousands of queries to make. Be patient and sincere while communicating with them.

A warning: the wrong practice that you must avoid!

In many cases, the sellers seem to be unresponsive and rude to the clients making queries about the details of a website on sale. In a statistics, researchers found that such behaviors are responsible for unsuccessful deals in 80 percent cases or even more. If you’re willing to become successful and setup a passive income generator by flipping website, you have to be professional, modest and responsive.


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