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Global Domains International, what is it? A batch of sites on the internet have information about it. But no site has all information on how to be successful with it. And that is a shame for people who don’t know whether or not to join.

What is GDI:

GDI is an abbreviation for Global Domains International. This corporation sells domain names with the .WS extension and is active since 2000. Wherefore did Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir kickoff a companionship with the marketing of .WS domains? Why the .WS extension? It’s simple and brilliant. The demand on beneficial individualized domains is still rising with the .COM extension getting scarcer every day. The extension .WS is the abbreviation of Western Samoa, but now globally known as “Web Site”. A smashing gain is that a batch of domain names are still uncommitted compared to the extension.

Global Domains International provides a domain name of your choice, a site builder, hosting, URL forwarding and 20 email accounts. This for only $ 10, – a month. You could check it out with the 7 day Free Trial. There is also a premium upgrade with a lot more storage.

Global Domains InternationalThe Good News:

However the most fantastic thing in Global Domains is the Compensation Plan. A lot of people simply market that without actually using the product. As an MLM member you get paid monthly by referring other relations. Remuneration is paid 5 levels deep and unlimited width. There is no limit to the width of your downline. The premium membership gives even more commissions and an extra weekly bonus contest. You could earn $ 100, – for every 5 paying persons you refer. besides there are further bonuses like the infinity and heavy hitter bonus.

There are a lot of MLM opportunities out there, but there are very few that exist longer than 3 years. Global Domains is 10 years active and in the top 50 of the 500 fastest growing companies. There are 3 major reasons wherefore GDI is a stayer in the affiliate MLM networking program industry:

1) the still growing worldwide popularity of the net. 2) the unruffled growing demand for domain names in general and 3) the growth and amount of folks successful in GDI itself.

The Bad News:

There are a lot of people who are suffering to succeed with GDI (or any MLM business). The problem is that not everyone know how to market. There is no way to get rich quick in this business. Many successful MLMers first fail lots of times and losing a lot of money doing that. There is a complete business around this phenomena. Sites and programs that teaches newbies to market their own MLM business. If you are lucky you find the good training, but if you are not you better stay out of this business totally.


If you puzzle yourself which on-line network marketing company to connect, halt hesitating, this is the unrivalled. GDI is here to stick and helping a lot of people to start a winning home based business. But only join if you know how to sell it, or join a team that really helps you.

Source by Dirk R

Global Domains International Global Domains International Global Domains International

Global Domains International Global Domains International Global Domains International

Global Domains International Global Domains International Global Domains International

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