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Everyone seems to be having a harder time to make ends meet nowadays. With the economic recession, people are being laid off, losing their homes and some are not even getting the benefits they were entitled to when times were better. So rather than sulk at this harsh reality, people are looking for ways to augment their earning capacity to cover current bills, those obligations long overdue and hopefully have some more left over to save for future needs.

So what does this have to do with affiliate marketing?

Well, since people were looking for opportunities to make money, and there did not seem to be many options available offline, many diverted their attention to the opportunities that the internet offered. Now there are multi-level marketing schemes, network marketing, selling platforms and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service and when you make a sale, they pay you a commission for that sale.

Now as much as there are so many people hoping to make money online, so there are so many sad stories as well. Few have made a killing. Some have made fortunes. There are those who have inspiring stories to tell, but there are also those who quit as soon as they found out that substantial efforts still had to be made just to establish oneself as an internet marketer.

If we were to answer, “how much one can earn from affiliate marketing?”, I would say that it would jointly depend on the following:

  1. The affiliate or multi-level marketing network,
  2. The commission rates offered for the specific niche,
  3. The competition saturation,
  4. The demand for the product or service, and
  5. The actual marketing effort and commitment you would put into your endeavours.

For the affiliate networks, check out their maximum commission rates. ClickBank, for example offers up to 75% commission rates on sales. Acme Phone Leads pays up to 90%, Global Domains International pay up to 50% on regular accounts and 75% on premium accounts. Commission Junction, Pay Gear and Share-A-Sale have varied commission rates as well, depending on the niches that they have.

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Check out the particular niche you are interested in because it widely varies. The “make money online” niche typically offers higher commission rates but it does not necessarily convert to sales. The more popular niches are weight loss, and matchmaking. The higher priced items generally earn you more, but then again, they do not necessarily convert better.

Consider the competition. If there are so many affiliates competing to promote the same product or service, your chances of success are affected adversely by that. Go where there is sufficient interest, yet not enough competitors. There will always be a demand for a product or service, if you will only tap into the proper target markets.

How much you will earn really depends solely on whether you will take the time to learn the tools and tricks of the trade. It takes hard work to learn and actually market, advertise and promote. In most cases the difference between those who earn $500/month versus those who earn $5,000 and even more a month are economies of scale based on what they have learned over time.

You can definitely create a second income with affiliate marketing. As it flourishes, it can probably replace your current day job. But before you get to that point, expect to invest time, effort and reasonable money to learn first, market the product, then advertise and promote your affiliate link. Do not be distracted by what is hyped to be the next best thing. Instead, utilize what you are learning, plus with all the tools, carve your path to success.


Source by Eden Laura Quirino

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing Earn Through Affiliate Marketing Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

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