How to Create a Website

Many people think that they can just make a website upload it to their server and people will visit, this of course is not correct, it is the main reason people fail at making an income online just taking the time to fully research your market can be the difference between success and failure.

Choosing your niche and researching your keywords takes time and if done wrong it will be a sure way to failure it is the most important part of building your web site and should be done before buying your domain name and web space, search engines favor URL’s with relevant keywords within the URL for example if your market is about coffee tables you could choose a domain name like instead of it makes sense but so many people do not take this into account when buying their domain name, of course if your web site is going to be about many subjects then a more general domain name is fine.

If you are choosing domain name it is not always possible as so many domain names have been taken but you can go through your key word list to find something that is relevant and highly searched and don’t forget you can use the – between key words for example

Keyword research is important for the domain name but it is the basis of your entire website each page of your website needs to be optimized for your key words, completely different on each page.

Each page will have a – title tag – a description – keywords and header tags this is what the search engines will see when they spider your web site and it shows them what your pages are about, this is known as on page SEO.

It’s important to know where your title and description will show to the end user of your site.

How to Create a WebsiteBuilding your website or blog:

I recommend to use a WordPress blog as your web site and a web host with cPanel, it has a one click installation of WordPress and many other web site scripts.

When adding content to your web site you need to take into account on page SEO described above.

You should have a list of key words that you are going to use for your new web site each page you create needs to have a different page title, description, keywords/meta tags, H1, H2 etc

The title of your post should also have your key word in it as this is what is picked up and indexed by the search engines, do not have pages with the same title and heading, description etc this is known as duplicate content and will not do your site any good.

If you are using a WordPress blog (which is what I always recommend) then you can install a plugin called “all in one seo” and this will help you easily add your title, description, keywords,H1, H2, H3 etc

If you are not using WordPress then you will need to add these with the software that you are using to create your site or add it to the html code manually.

If you get stuck thinking of what to write for your content just do a little research on your subject and make some bullet points then you can just expand on your bullet points to create unique content for your web pages.

Off-page SEO is backlinks to your site from other relevant web pages on the Internet, the more relevant backlinks you have to your site the more chance you have of ranking well with the search engines for your key words.

Writing articles and submitting to other blogs:

This is a good steady way to build back links to your web site, blogs especially WordPress mu blogs are often updated and therefore spidered often by the search engines so submitting articles to these blogs on a regular basis will help you gain many good quality back links.

Writing articles and submitting to article directories:

Submitting articles to article directories is also a good way to get back links to your web site, you can search on Google for article directories

Leaving comments in forums:

Forums can be good to get back links to your site, the way to do this is by leaving comments on the forum, when you leave a comment you can have a signature added to your comment this signature will have a hyperlink to your web site, make sure you use your key phrase to hyperlink to your site and don’t make spammy comments make sure the forum is related to your niche and leave a constructive comment.

To find furums in your niche just go to Google and type the key phrase related to your niche followed by forum, for example green tea forum you will get a large list of forums related to your niche.

Leaving comments in blog posts:

Leaving comments in blog posts is very much the same as forum comments, remember don’t submit spammy comments and make sure the blog is related to your niche.

To find related blogs try searching Google with the relevant key phrase followed by something like powered by WordPress mu, for example green tea powered by WordPress mu or green tea blog you can then look to see if you can leave a comment but remember many blogs have the comments feature turned off.

Social bookmarking:

What is social bookmarking? It is simply bookmarking a website like you do on your computer and saving it for later. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the web. And, because your bookmarks are online the search engines will find the links.

Source by Keith Revell

How to Create a Website How to Create a Website How to Create a Website How to Create a Website

How to Create a Website How to Create a Website How to Create a Website How to Create a Website

How to Create a Website How to Create a Website How to Create a Website How to Create a Website


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