Discover These Simple Steps on How to Host a Website

How to Host a Website Step 1:

Pick a Domain Name

If you already have one then use it unless you will be setting up multiple domains on your hosting account and then choose a general use domain that you will have for a long time. You can add more domains as needed.

3 Quick tips on picking a Domain Name.

  1. Keep it short as possible and memorable.
  2. For SEO ranking.COM.ORG and.NET fo best.
  3. If you “Keyword” is in the domain name it can help ranking.

(Register it with a separate registrar not through the hosting company. Why? Because you may want to change hosting companies down the road. I use Godaddy.com but have also used many others.)

When signing up (save with this special offer coupon), on each page scroll to the bottom and hit “no thank you next” button and skip all the add on features. You don’t need them. Also, check the number of Years for registration. The default is 2 years, so you need to change to 1 year if that is what you want.

Once you buy the domain head over to the website hosting company of your choice.

How to Host a Website Step 2:

Order Your Web Hosting Account

While at Godaddy.com you will be given an option host a website with them. They have a good service and it is economical but it breaks the rule of how to host a website and separate your domain from your hosting. For a reliable web hosting service on a budget we use HostGator.com and HostMonster.com to host our own website and keep our domain name with a separate company.

When signing up with the hosting company it will ask which type of account. With Hostgator choose their “Baby” plan, the more expensive “Business” plan is not necessary to host a website unless you need a “reseller account”.

They will ask for your domain and that will be the one you got from GoDaddy.com. Don’t worry about connecting the domain to the hosting company, it will come clear later on.

You have your hosting account (here are a couple discount coupons) then point your Domain to the Hosting account.

How to Host a Website Step 3:

Point Your Domain

The hosting company you chose will send you access information to your new account. This can take a day or two. Hostgator, Hostmonster, Bluehost and Site5 have always been very quick to send the information within a couple hours.

In this info packet email will be your DNS – Your “Domain Name Server” information. Looks something like NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM and NS2.HOSTMONSTER.COM. These DNS are unique to the hosting account. It’s the hosting accounts online address. You will use both of these to update your Domain Settings at Godaddy.

The DNS points the Domain name to your Hosting Account. If you get tired of your hosting account and switch to a new one, just update your Domain settings to the DNS for the new account. This is why it is nice to have your domains at a separate account from your Hosting.

You are now on the internet with your domain. Next stop is to get your message out. You need a website to do this.

How to Host a Website Step 4:

Build Your Own Website

There are many, many different platforms or types of websites you can build and use. You can even hire someone to design it and set it up. That can be expensive and overkill if you are not careful. For us, WordPress is the best solution. It is flexible, well supported, easy to setup (real easy) and free.

Once you have your site loaded with a ton of great content and you want a different design or look, how do you do it? With WordPress it can be just a couple of mouse clicks and you have a whole new look.

Use fantastico to set it up fast and see our information on this site of how to do it.

How to Host a Website Step 5:

Congratulate yourself!

Well done and a Quick Recap of how to host a website:

  • Pick a Domain
  • Pick a Hosting Account
  • Have Your Credit Card Handy
  • Have an email to use

(If you need an email use the free Gmail)


Source by Joseph Robertson

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