The website will need to exist on a server somewhere, so you will need some kind of hosting package. Web hosting packages vary widely depending on requirements. Godaddy does offer a reasonably priced starter package at about $60 annually. Really it matters little where you host your site- if you have a preference on hosting company go with it.

You will then need to publish the site- this means assembling the main swf and any other files it calls, on your server space. Files are uploaded using an FTP client (File Transfer Protocol). You can download the software from providers such as Ipswitch or Cute_FTP.

Additionally many web hosting companies these days provide their own FTP client for you to use as part of their hosting package.

With a good internet connection you should be able to very quickly upload a Flash Movie type site where file size is low. Larger files such as video will take a little longer.

If you choose to call the main movie directly- i.e. the index page is yoursite.swf, the site will expand and contract to fit the viewer’s screen resolution. Given the many different screen types and calibrations in common use this can often yield negative unintended consequences for some of your site’s viewers.

To avoid these possible eventualities it is highly recommended that you constrain the size of your site so it will appear the same to all users, regardless of their screen setup. The most common screen resolution is 1024*768 according to thecounter.com.

It’s recommended you cater to this by sizing the site to 1000*700 using a html index file that serves to contain your main movie. You can set the background color with this index file to match your movie. The color should be selected so the movie will blend nicely into the background on larger screen resolutions.

Having completed these steps, your site will be live and you should check for errors before showing it to the World at large. You should also test on the common browsers- IE, Mozzilla, Safari.

If you purchased your domain name along with hosting you should be good to go. If they came from different providers you’ll need to alter the nameservers in your domain account so they point to the correct IP address (something like where your site resides on its server.


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