How to Sell Your Website

How to Sell Your Website

Imagine what your life would look like if you could STOP chasing income ideas? What would you robustness become if you could start to (finally)! focus on what you love to do… and what you do BEST, rather than having to constantly learn new tactics and techniques, and have to buy more gimmicks and gadgets from “gurus” to get where you want to go?

The truth is, 99% of the people who try to earn an income online become a sad statistic. They are victimized by one get rich quick scam after another… and make a career out of chasing shiny objects that promise inside information, rather than applying what they already DO know.

I want to give you a simple system that you can use right NOW, from the comfort of home, and that you can prove to yourself that you already know MORE than enough to make a small fortune online.

The key is, and I’m going to simplify this for the purposes of a short article, but you’ll never get rich by continuously “buying” something to make money.

Instead, you want to BUILD something that has value to someone else.

The first $2000 I ever made online, came after months of struggling, suffering and trying to learn every “secret” under the sun.

The ironic thing? I had the knowledge all along to earn that first 2k, probably from the very first day.

Here is what I did… and what I challenge YOU to do as well.

First, register a hyper local domain name in a high volume, premium price point industry in your LOCAL area. (e.g. – where you currently live)

The best niches are real estate, doctors, dental, cosmetology, credit, lending and finance and even solopreneurs in high transactional value industries like coaching, consulting, etc.

Focus on .com’s if available – and if NOT, believe it or not, you can do very well with .me’s as well. (especially in the soloprenuer style marketplace that caters to self employed service owners in local areas)

Install a blog, get hosting for the site (obviously) and add about 12-15 posts to the blog using a combination of original and CURATED content from the local community. (e.g. – find other local news sites that you can clip and snip content from, which will not only add links to your site (via trackbacks) but ALSO, will bring traffic and expedite the indexing you’ll get from the search engines to boot.

The truth is, you only really care about this through the prism and perspective of your prospective customer or client, as it’s a great piece of the pitch when you sell your site. (e.g. – you have incoming links, the site is indexed and can be found on other local news blogs/portals, etc)

Lastly, make a list of about 25-50 local professionals in a 60 mile radius of the area… and contact them.

Use email. Or a web form. Or the phone. (I have folks who use postcards and do very well with that as well)

The first site I did like this, I sold for 2K on Craigslist in about a week. (1k down… and 1k to be paid when additional content was added per the dentists specifications)

You can add a Twitter account associated with the domain, a Tumblr account and other social media pages that will only ADD more value to your ideal audience, and save them having to worry about setting all of that up for themselves. (believe it or not, that’s something that many “real world” business owners are afraid of… especially the baby boomer generation who isn’t as “hip” as those who’ve grown up with through the social media revolution)

That’s really the business blueprint in a very condensed form.

Think HYPER local. Think about BUILDING something that has value to real businesses who already have real profits and real budgets to build their brand.

The above is MUCH easier than selling affiliate products. And much easier than trying to build AdSense sites. And the REAL beauty of the above is the back end opportunities you can weave into the process. (as you’ll have a captive audience of clients to sell more stuff to going forward… and if you love what you do, a TRUE win/win for everyone, including YOU!)

How to Sell Your Website


Source by I. R. Hollander

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