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Some of the Domaining Facts

The facts of the Internet Domains story are as follows:

Fact 1: The first domain was registered in the USA in 1985.

Fact 2: Only 100 Domains were registered thereafter over one year,

Fact 3: When the tempo built up people got greedy and all the lll domains / 3 letters English words were gobbled up in 1997 itself.

Fact 4: By 2013 all the 4 letter English words were exhausted ranging from – accounting for 4.56 lac words approximately and combinations thereof.

Fact 5: None of the entities that manage the domains business and associated matters did anything in the right direction to avert what was coming ahead.

Fact 6: The volumes were so high for the Registrar community that they were indulging in self deception and many still are imagining there is an infinite inventory of words. The secondary market of words getting back in circulation as newly incorporated words and the huge squatter community help to stronghold the deception and sustain the infinity paradigm.

Fact 7: All this while businesses suffer with no choice on good expressions so valuations fall and ad spends sky rocket to position mediocre domains as brand worthy and lll domains kept the high potential.

Fact 8: With growing technology applications word generation tools throng the market and new domain businesses go for a killing with computer generated words that half the time are senseless and almost never ever self explanatory. Service providers inundate the markets with such words and given no better choice people fall for it as if food was being served after a 10 year war. Most were willing to shell out at an average for 5000 USD for a lll domains with some prices as high as 100,000 USD (Try THYN in google search) and see the price for yourself. Later everyone gets back to square “A” with the feeling that the inferior left over words were better than the robotic entities that fail to get traction. So ironically at Square “A” the wheel comes full “circle” without any lasting break-through solution.

Fact 9: Not to be undone the so called authorities /regulators unleash domain hounds in the form of new extensions whose bark is better than their bite. Today the extensions have an overwhelming figure of 882.

Fact 10: Right now the situation is very grim as the digital revolution that was supposed to prop and boost good brands, healthy business and robust economy practices do not have a good start point (the good domain name as the seed). The Registrars still have a booming business selling what they buy for 3 dollars at 6 dollars and the computer generated businesses are having a field day selling plastic money. No one thinks about the customer’s real need.

The only fact is that LLL Domains are still available for you to grab and its a good time to invest on LLL Domains.

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