Barossa in Australia probably tops the wish list of all wine connoisseurs in the world. This area is one of the premium wine producers in the whole world and probably in the whole of Australia. The wine industry here is flourishing and the place is not only a landmark in the economy of Australia but it also attracts loads of visitors and tourists each year. It gets its name from the Barossa Ranges and the Valley is breathtaking to say the least, with the North Para River flowing by it. No wonder that it has become such a famous tourist destination of Australia.

The major attraction of this valley is perhaps the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival. This festival is celebrated in every two years and rightly, so because it commemorates the bounty of the vineyards and the thriving industry here that is responsible for providing employment to the majority of the residents here. The vineyards, laden with grapes and apples, which are collected and taken to the wineries for crushing and juicing, are really a sight to watch.

The Mengler Hill provides a lovely view of these vineyards stretched on the mountain slopes, directly beneath the open skies. Other attractions of the festival are the large-scale dining, singing, and dancing performances. Wine flows freely, and people crave for the taste of “Shiraz”, the authentic red wine that is made here.

The types of wine that are produced here are made predominantly from the different types of grapes like Riesling, Semillon, Cabernet, Grenache etc. They have their own unique taste, color and flavor and a tour through the vineyards with a guide will make you much more knowledgeable about the various types of wine.

The major wineries of the region are Basedow Wines, Beer Brothers, Bethany Wines, Charles Melton Wines, Clancy Fuller, Domain Day, Flaxman Wines, Fox Gordon Wines, Craneford, Cooper Burns, Elderton Wines and there are many, many more. All of them have their own vineyards, stretching for acres and some are open to the public while the others are not. However, what they all have in common is that all of them produce the world’s best wine.

You have to be here in person to experience the magic of Barossa Wine Valley. After all, where will you get such beautiful mountains to gaze at while tasting some of the best liquors in the world? Taking a tour of this region will be a very enjoyable and enriching experience for you for sure.


Source by Jeesh Muake

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