The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names


When you choose your domain name for your website you want it to be one that is memorable and snappy. You also need a domain name that will come up when people search for keywords specific to your line of business. Having a keyword rich domain name is among the top factors that affect the websites rankings in the search engines. The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names

Keywords are a standard part of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization and have been since the business began. Keyword rich domain names can also show to a prospective customer that your website is relevant to the particular niche that they are searching for.

More often than not, the name you choose for your website may already have been taken, especially if they are catchy and short names. If you did not find your domain name match, you can search for similar domains in different domain name extensions, or search for ones that contain hyphens. Usually the domain name registrars offer these kinds of suggestions when searching for a domain name. Go Daddy, Namecheap and Domainmonster are among the top domain registrars that offer domain search suggestions.

The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names

Keyword rich domain names are also excellent for business because they can provide an increase in the credibility of your site and business. Look at banner ads – if you have one of these on a website with your website address on it, and your domain name actually matches the product then prospective customers are far more likely to click on it that they are if the name bears no resemblance to the product or business.

In addition, having a keyword rich domain name is essential for pay per click ads as it is one of the most visible aspects of the ad. Increasing your credibility and having the right domain name will increase your click through rate. On search results the URL that has the right keyword or combination of keywords will show up bold, make it more likely that people will click on it. This will eventually make your ads more relevant and will probably reduce the cost per click for your ads.   The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names

At the end of the day, your domain name is one of the most important factors in directing quality traffic to your website. It is very important to remember that keyword rich domains aren’t magical shortcuts to achieve high rankings in search engines. However, they are a part of an overall strategy that includes onsite and offsite optimization. It is also worth mentioning that many websites have experienced huge success with brandable domain names. Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube are excellent examples on community-based websites that have hundreds of millions of loyal visitors.   The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names The Advantages of Using Keyword Rich Domain Names


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