Before we go on what exactly is Empowerism?

Well to start off with Empowerism looks to the network marketing scheme that it is BUT there is so much more going on with this program than just a network marketing scheme.

We will start with the network marketing, though. Empowerism has a powerful back office manager for you to be able keep track of your personal subscription sales and all the commission that you may earn thereon. You will earn £ 1.00 for every person in your matrix. Your matrix is ​​what is called a 3×9 forced matrix so you have 3 subscribers who are under you and then any more that you introduce will spillover under the other people in your matrix. A full matrix would net just over $ 29.5ka month. (This is the maximum and not guaranteed see details on the site.)

In addition each person that you introduce who renews their Empowerism subscription each month will earn you another $ 6.00. So that is $ 7.00 for each person you introduce per month when you include the $ 1.00 from above. Once you have personally introduced just 3 subscribers to Empowerism therefore you will be earning $ 21.00 per month against your monthly subscription of $ 19.95. The great thing here is that once you can Empower 3 then your fees are free and if you can help your 3 to Empower their own 3 then they really do not have any reason to leave the team as there fees are now free and so on.

Empowerism also pay a fast start bonus for each member you introduce. It has to be said that the initial payment is $ 24.95 and you will receive $ 20.00 of that as a fast start bonus.

So that is the Empowerism compensation plan sorted so what else has Empowerism got.

Well you get a PDF magazine available in your back office for download on the 5th of each month. This 14 page magazine comes with loads of hints and tips on how you can promote your sites and your Empowerism matrix.

For general support issues Empowerism has an extensive on FAQ and also a members forum which has almost 9,500 members. You can go on here an ask any question and you may get some useful suggestions from other members.

Empowerism also carries 24 tools to help you optimize your website for search engines. You will find tools that will help you find your keyword rich domain name down to link popularity checks and many more. An invaluable resource for all webmasters. There is also the opportunity to insert 25 of your URLs into a search engine submit page and these will be submitted for you once a month.

The Empowerism Training Center also helps webmasters with some lessons on email marketing, newbie corner, how to start a business, site maps, Google tutorials and much more.

And of course Empowerism will help you with all of the tools that you need to market your site from banners to website templates and lead capture pages.

Frankly Empowerism has so much going for it that it is hard to do it justice in this article. I have seen some negative feedback on the program but that can only really be from people who have subscribed and have not taken advantage of all the training that is available and the lead capture aids (such as re-brandable e-books) that you can use to build your business. I also suspect that these people are the same people who expect money to come pouring in just because they are a member of the program. This will not happen as you will need to work at promoting your sites and your Empowerism pages. My suggestion would be for you to buy a domain name and then use one of the lead capture pages. You can then promote this page by writing articles and submitting them to directories, submitting your site to free directories, joining forums and participating in discussions with your site URL in your signature, advertising your site on free classified sites etc.

So all in all you work at this program and work with the subscribers you introduce then I am sure that you can turn this into a profitable exercise from just a small outlay each month.


Source by Stuart J Smith

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