Recent research has shown that around a third of adults suffer from insomnia and nearly sixty percent do not have adequate sleep. Representatives of the Corallium Spa believe that the Womb Room will provide an effective solution for those suffering from restless nights.

The Corallium Spa is located at the Lopesan Cota Meloeras resort in the southern region of Gran Canaria. The Womb Room aims to recreate the journey of life starting with where it all began, the womb. The Womb Room is reached by a pink carpeted corridor which represents the neck of the uterus. Blood coloured waterbeds which give the impression of the amniotic sac greet you in the dimly lit treatment room. The floor of the treatment room is covered by a pink carpet with bold a bold splash of red fabric which slowly rotates to give the impression of a large umbilical cord. Gentle background music is played in the treatment room to recreate the sound heard from inside the womb.

Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa and Casino

The Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa and Casino is a 4 star premium hotel which sits on the sea front close to the Nature Reserve of Dunas de Maspalomas on Gran Canaria.

The main attraction is the Spa Corallium Costa Meloneras where guests can enjoy exotic treatments on their holiday packages to the Canary Islands.

This well equipped spa has a fitness centre with all the latest technology for cardio and fitness activities and a beauty clinic which offers a full range of facial and body treatments. The spa offers treatments using natural water at varied temperature and has a hydrothermal circuit which has been designed to eliminate toxins, promote rejuvenation and harmony, improve the workings of the entire body muscles and also strengthen the immune and cardiovascular system of the body. Circuit temperatures range from 4C in the domain of ice to 90C in the African sauna and also passes through a Kneipp pool of 14C, a float pool of 35C and a Turkish bath and steam bath of 45C. This treatment transports the guest from the North Pole and the Arabian desert to the tropics and the North Pole, resulting in the wellbeing of the human body and soul.

If you want to be pampered and have your body and soul cleansed then don’t forget to pay the Spa Corallium Costa Meloneras a visit whilst on your cheap holidays to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.


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