10 ways to Monetize your Blog:

1. Writing Reviews – You can write reviews in reviewme.com, payperpost.com, sponsoredreviews.com where you can earn huge bucks.

2. Selling Advertising Space of your Blog – Try to join forums like sitepoint.com and digitalpoint.com to look for "Advertisers" section where you can see prices that being charged on websites with or without traffic.

3. Pay-per-Click – You can make money with Google AdSense whether it is AdSense for search or AdSense for feeds. Google AdSense is an ad serving program ran by Google Inc. You can generate revenue on either per-click or per-impression basis. The webmaster inserts AdSense Javascript code into your webpage and each time the page is visited, the code will fetch and display advertisements which are related to your blog.

4. Promoting Clickbank Products as an Affiliate – Once a buyer bought the product through your referral, you will be paid commissions. You can promote Clickbank products through Article Marketing, Ad campaign, Blogging and Web Advertisements.

5. Selling e-Books – You can earn from selling your own e-book or earn commissions on e-books of other people or company.

6. Donation – You can ask donations to your viewers by sending their money to your paypal account.

7. Selling Text Links – You can sell text links in textlinkads.com and other related forum sites.

8. Selling Services of other Companies

9. Private Ads / Sponsorships

10. Selling Blogs – You can sell blogs in forum sites like digitalpoint.com, sitepoint.com, namepros.com, and webmaster-talk.com/websites-for-sale/


Source by JC Carlos

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