Selling domain names can be a very profitable business. There is the potential of registering a domain for $ 10 and selling it for $ 1000 or more.

No where on the planet will you find that return on investment. Not the stock market nor the forex market.

Some people buy domains for $ 10 an try to make a quick sale for say $ 100 or more. This is called flipping.

Other domaining investors would buy names and develop them into fully blown websites. They then sell those websites later on.

Whatever your model, here are some tips on selling domain names faster:

1. Put the domains you have for sale in your email signature or into your signature at any of the free to join domain forums.

2. Post the domains in free to join forums. Namepros dot com, DnForum dot com and Domainstate dotcom are three popular forums where you can list your names for sale.

Don't just list your names for sale either – you could provide answers to questions posed in the forums as well.

3. List your names on top broker sites. Sedo dotcom, Afternic dotcom and Snapnames dotcom are great places to list domains for sale. These websites get loads of traffic from people actively seeking domains.

4. Invest in your domain by creating a page or blog. When you have some content on your domains, it is more attractive to a potential buyer. You would also attract more search engine traffic by having content on your domain.

5. Keep your whois data public. This data tells people who own a domain and their contact info.

Many domain buyers track down sellers by checking that data

If you pay for whois privacy when you register a domain, you make it harder to be contacted by a potential buyer. So, keep that info public.

6. Do a Google search for a list of potential companies that may be interested in your name. Then when you have compiled that list – send each of them a personalized domain.

You can find the contact info on the site or by checking the whois dot com database

Some people have success with sending template email but I like to make the email look more personal. Include the name of the person you want to reach and the price of your domain.

Include your name and website and even telephone number. This would separate you from spam and make you look more credible.

When selling your domains in this way – be prepared to negotiate. Don't be offended if the price a potential buyer offer is too low.

Selling domain names is an exciting a potentially very profitable business. You can buy quality, very affordable domains and resell them in the manner disclosed above.


Source by Ross Angelo

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