Uniregistry marketplace acquired by GoDaddy

Internet names and registrations management major GoDaddy on Thursday announced it is acquiring Uniregistry’s leading domain registrar and marketplace businesses.

The deal is expected to close sometime in Q2 2020. The Uniregistry domain registry is not part of the transaction and the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Uniregistry is unique in that domain investors built it from the ground up so their products and services have always catered to the domain investor community,” said GoDaddy Vice President Paul Nicks said in a statement.

Uniregistry marketplace acquired by GoDaddy“This acquisition reinforces GoDaddy’s commitment to domain investors. Combining Uniregistry’s solutions and incredible knowledge with our platform will help investors succeed and advance future innovations for them. We can’t wait to get started,” he added.

Uniregistry started in 2014 by catering to domain name investors with specialized tools to register, manage and sell domains. They later expanded its service to other audiences while still focusing on domain name investors.

Ref : www.therahnuma.com

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