Very cheap web hosting is getting easier to find on the market. That’s because there is so much competition that we are in the midst of a web hosting plan price war! But, just because it is cheap doesn’t mean you are getting what you need. Make sure if the web hosting is very cheap, then it has the following 3 things, or else choose another plan.

  1. Good Customer Service? What are users saying about the company on the web? Having good, 24/7 customer service and the ability to talk to a real person is a must when getting a hosting plan. This seems like a “yeah, whatever” type of thing to worry about, but when your site is malfunctioning you want someone to fix it fast!
  2. Unlimited Features? You want to get a plan that is super cheap, but allows unlimited domains to be hosted, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited memory. This way you won’t have to worry about how many sites you will have, how many visitors will be coming, or how big the websites are. If a company doesn’t offer this, move on.
  3. User Friendly Control Panel? This is very important. The most popular control panel for hosting companies is called a cPanel. Also, within the control panel, are there step by step videos showing you exactly how to do things such as, set up FTP accounts, set up emails, set up stat tracking for websites, installing website building software, etc? This is a must for a good web hosting company. You shouldn’t have to pay a premium for these features.


Source by Bruce Reed

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