Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names

Why you should get a personal domain name.

When compared to other sources that people turn to for information e.g. radio, television, newspapers and books, the internet is by far the place many people on earth will turn to for answers, this is because the internet is the only place where you can get information on any topic under the sun in no time at all wherever you are. The other reason being that, access to the World wide web is not limited to those people who have access to desktops only but also to thousand of people young and old who own hand held devices like Cellular Phones, ipods etc.

plenty of people who “visit” the World wide web on a daily basis will most likely visit social networking websites, websites that offer free email services or those that offer real-time chat and IP telephony. nevertheless not many people are consciously aware about the fact that when they visit these websites they are patronizing content that exists on a domain name owned by a particular person, many people are not aware that they can have their own website and post articles for others to read.

Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names

This article explores the benefits of having a personal website.

1. Affordability

Contrary to what a large number of people may think, the monthly cost associated with having a personal domain name is very affordable and can be as little as $10 per month depending on the web hosting company that you choose. This cost is not prohibitive and most people can afford to pay for it without breaking a sweat.

2. Freedom

most people prefer to sign up with providers that offer “free” websites e.g. This arrangement has obvious disadvantages. FIRST, you have absolutely no control on the “root” domain, SECONDLY, these companies will most likely provide you with a page template on which to construct your pages which might not allow you to customize the page to your liking, THIRDLY, If the domain host where your page is hosted was to stop operating your webpage will be no more no matter the amount of traffic you may have succeeded in sending to your web pages. In contrast if you had your own website you will have absolute control that allows you to create, post, erase and edit content as you wish and the best part of all is that nobody can take away your domain name from you as long you maintain your subscription with your domain hosting company.

3. Personal Branding

Advertising yourself or your business differentiates you from the others. A personal website will help you to achieve this and other businesses and people will take you more seriously. Even better you will get personalized email addresses for your domain.

4. Global Audience

Once you establish your presence on the internet, you straightaway expose yourself to a global audience and when you start attracting traffic to your website you will be amazed at the exponential growth that your website can achieve. A great way to enhance traffic to your website is to add a blog. weblogs provide new and dynamic content as long as they are revised regularly and are a great potential for increased traffic.

This list is by no means all-inclusive and having a personal website is not the end because some bit more effort is required to actually set it up and generate traffic, however the indisputable fact is that you need to take the FIRST step and register a personal domain name in the name of your liking (as long as it is not already taken) and set up a website.

Source by George Wamutitu

Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names

Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names

Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names Web Hosting and Internet Domain Names

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